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Lyf Lyft is an online shopping site which sells Car Battery, Inverter, Inverter Battery, Solar Inverter,Solar Panel and AC Stabilizers. We are No1 Battery Dealer in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. We stand for best price,original & latest manufacture product that our customers can trust and aim to become the customers favourite for Car battery, Solar inverter,Solar Panel, Inverter, Inverter Battery online purchase. Quick delivery and professional installation are our top priority. We have kept it simple – all orders over 2500 will come with free delivery and order by 1 pm to get it despatched same day.
We have all popular and leading brands in our store and at present we sell brands like Microtek,Exide,Amaron Luminous inverter in Tirunelveli and around 75 km in Tirunelveli. We provide free installation when customer buy Car Battery in Tirunelveli. We have skilled technicians to install when customer buy Inverter Battery in Tirunelveli online.
Lyf Lyft offers best Inverter Battery Price in Tirunelveli. As we are top Inverter Battery Dealer in Tirunelveli we strive to provide our customers with quality products at the best prices possible. We dedicate in bringing big savings to our customers purchases. Lyf Lyft offers free delivery services to customers who Buy Inverter Battery Online and make a purchases over 2500 or more.
Microtek Inverter company presents high quality Intelli pure sine wave UPS and Inverters that protects your Home appliances with Grid quality Power. With Microtek Inverter and UPS you get an advanced solution that never stop during power cuts! It is the perfect solution for you if you are running home appliances, electronic appliances, sensitive machinery, medical equipments. Mtek Power Inverter Batteries made using Japanese technology, these batteries ensure that the demand of Best Inverter for Home is met with effortless ease. Utilizing the best of imported machines, the batteries are so powerful and adept to go on for hours lighting homes of any size, shape and dimension. Microtek AC Stabilizers comes with 3 year on-site warranty with best quality. Service centers available for Microtek Inverter in Tirunelveli at Padi, Mount road and East Tambaram.
Luminous Inverter and Luminous Inverter Battery is a Top and Fast selling products across India and they have achieved this In just a few years. It is because of the new technological innovation,better quality and after sale service compared to other brands in India. Luminous inverter price are also very competitive comparing to other brands. It is a MNC Company owned by Schneider Electric Corporation. There is a wide range of products available from Low end inverters to High end inverters, Tubular Batteries, Car batteries,Solar Power Products, Electrical Home appalicances. Luminous inverters are the most reputable brand in India, according to majority of the consumers. Consumers in India have named Luminous inverters as the most preferred inverter brand in a new survey conducted by a research. Luminous inverter battery price begins from 7500. Numerous Service engineers and 293 Luminous inverter service center are available in 400 Cities and the Service center for Luminous Inverter in Tirunelveli available at Arumbakkam. Luminous inverter customer care no 1800-103-3039 availabe 24 Hours for Customer service support. Eco Volt 1050 and RC 18000 is the best Luminous inverter for home. Lyf Lyft is the official Luminous inverter dealers in Tirunelveli and Luminous inverter distributor in Tirunelveli
Amaron Battery and Exide Battery are well known brand in automotive and industrial areas. 99 percent of car batteries which sell every year in India are either Amaron Car Battery or Exide Car Battery. When Customer Buy Car Battery Online, we deliver it within 4 hours and install it with our skilled technician without any installation charges. For years Lyf Lyft have been the No 1 authorized Exide and Amaron Car Battery Dealer in Tirunelveli. Service centers avaialbe for Amaron Battery in Tirunelveli at Anna Nagar. Service centers available for Exide Battery in Tirunelveli at Senner Kuppam Poonamallee. Amaron Inverter Battery available in 150ah, 165ah, 200ah with 54 Months warranty. Exide Inverter Battery have various models of Tubular, Flat, Tall Tubular batteries which gives more back up and long life.
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